Smart Control System is a leading Fire Safety Security and Electrical systems in which SMS based home appliance control system is capable of controlling appliances from any place where GSM service is available. SMS is a telecommunications protocol that allows the sending of short text messages (160 characters) to and from terminal equipment. The aim and objectives of this project is to help the users of home appliances optimize the usage of electricity remotely using short message service (SMS). Many users of electricity forget to turn off their bulbs and other electrical appliances may be as a result of power failure before they left home thereby leaving the light turned on continuously. The prototype was successfully developed and met the above stated objectives. At first stage, the program initializes all variables and ports, then it initializes GSM, after which a decision parameter determines whether there is any SMS or not. If there is any SMS available in the GSM module, the microcontroller reads that SMS and compares the password with the pre-set password. If the password matches, it reads the command given in the SMS, decode the command and turns ON/OFF the home appliances according to the accuracy of the command. In conclusion, the system could provide better performance by intelligently sending notification upon power failure, provide a flexible function by supporting both manual and automatic control as well as provide an option for the user to control the appliance through web-based system. The programming language used to implement this project is Microsoft visual basic 6.0 because of its efficiency and user’s friendly ability.

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