The paper examines stakeholder’s perception of property management practice within Osobgbo, Osun State. Primary data were sourced from Estate Surveying and Valuation firms, tenants and landlords sampled for the study through structured questionnaires. The total numbers of questionnaires administered to all the respondents were seventy five (75) while total numbers of completed questionnaires retrieved were sixty five (65) representing 86.7% response rate. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics. The study revealed that tenants are not satisfied with the apportionment of repair liability and non prompt response to tenant complaint while landlords are not satisfied in term of non preparation of schedule of repairs and non response to tenants complaints. The study further established that Estate Surveyors and Valuers do not update their knowledge in property management regularly. The study recommended that Estate Surveyors and Valuers should regularly improve their knowledge in property management through relevant seminars and workshops and set up machinery to always address tenants and landlords complaints

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