The paper examines structural surveying practice in property management in Ibadan metropolis. Primary data were sourced from Estate Surveying and Valuation firms sampled through structured questionnaires. The total numbers of questionnaires administered to all the respondents were fifty three (53) while total numbers of completed questionnaires retrieved were forty two(42) representing 79.2% response rate. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics. The study established that majority of the respondents did not incorporate structural survey in property management functions. The major method adopted for structural survey is the physical inspection of the property on two years basis while the purpose is to determine the extent of repairs and maintain the value of the property .Various defects are usually detected during structural survey. The study recommended that all estate surveyors and valuers who specialize in property management should incorporate structural survey in property management services which should be done yearly while training of the concerned personnel should also be embarked upon. Prompt attention should be paid to the repair of any defect detected during such
structural survey.

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