This paper assesses contractor induced factors causing rework at the construction stage of building projects in Lagos state, Nigeria with the view of improving project performance in Nigerian construction industry. A survey research was adopted for this study using structured questionnaire comprising 64 rework influencing factors generated from literatures. The research questionnaire yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.949 using Cronbach alpha. The questionnaires were distributed to professionals with practical supervisory experience on diverse projects in Lagos state, Nigeria using purposive sampling
technique. Respondents were asked to assess 64 rework influencing factors based on 5 point Likert scale. 80 responses were received out of 100 and analysed using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 17. Out of the 27 contractor induced factors assessed the six high influencing factors identified in this study are poor site supervision (3.70), inexperience of the contractor (3.68), non compliance with standard and specification (3.65), defects in material (3.58), poor coordination of work (3.51), non compliance with architect instructions (3.50). Other ranked rework causing factors mostly fall under average influence. Consequently, action to mitigate or avoid contractor induced rework at the construction stage should include selection of experienced contractor, engaging skilled workers as supervisor, implementing quality control measures and close supervision of contractor on site.

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