Possession of economic power is a requisite for meaningful and worthwhile life by all and sundry. Hence, to liberate Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the shackle of penury and perpetual dependent life which aggressive fellow human being and disaster had plunged them into, there is the need for economic rehabilitation and empowerment. Thus, this paper vividly examines capacity building for IDPs; it explicates the concepts of IDPs and capacity building before attempting to highlight the unspeakable challenges and suffering bedeviling IDPs in their various camps. The paper further treats in detail
the various strategies for empowering the IDPs with a view to prepare them for resettlement, equip them with means of livelihood and make them productive members of the society. Aside the succinct conclusion, specific and result oriented recommendations were proffered which include the need for government to curtail the root causes of violence and at the same time rise to the challenge of providing security and maintaining peace in the nation.

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Categories: Volume 3 No 2