Ogi, a fermented cereal porridge was prepared by mixing different ratios of fermented maize flour with mango mesocarp flour(100:0,90:10,80:20,70:30 and 60:40).Chemical composition, functional properties, chemical analysis and sensory attributes of the reconsitituted Ogi mango mesocarp flours were analyzed. Addition of mango mesocarp flour significantly (p<0.05) increased the ash (2.42 to2.75 %), crude fibre (2.40 to 3.49 %) and decreased significantly (p<0.05) the energy content (371.05 to 356.99 kcal/100 g) of the blends. The β-carotene content also increased from 94.56 to 140.16 µg/100g with increased mango mesocarp flour. Hygroscopicity increased significantly (p< 0.05) from 6.35 to 10.10 % while viscosity of the blends decreased significantly (p<0.05) from 1450 to 1094 cP. Mango mesocarp flour addition increased the ash, crude fibre and introduced β– carotene into the product.

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