Mobile Refrigeration is a mobile cooling box of compression refrigeration system; and in construction of this system, focus was on compressor for mobile use. This system makes use of cooler as its cabinet which is made to retain cold up to 48 hours during off operation and it seats on fabricated stand with guide and rollers that enables it to be moved from place to place. The main aim of this design is to produce refrigeration system that will be functional either in motion or static, and which can be used in remote areas and in the absence of electricity since it can be operated with either A.C (using Adaptor) or any D.C source through back up battery of 24volts and 100Ah which stores renewable energy and turns it into usable electricity. The operating temperatures, in terms of thermostatic temperatures, range between 9oC and -5oc.For cooler total external area of 1.18m2, compressor power capacity of 124watts and with ambient temperature of 30oC, the total heat gains by transmission into the cooler is found to be reduced by 87% when the wall is insulated compared to when it is without insulator, and the efficiency of the system based on heat of conduction is 78% approximately. The fabrication of stand was made using arc welding method and also the assembly of all the components to produce cooling device is monitored using simulation. 

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