This paper assesses the various factors affecting the choice and performance of organizational structure of construction organizations in Lagos mainland. A questionnaire survey was adopted for this study and the respondents asked to assess the significant of the factors based on the 5 point Likert scale. The research instrument which records a Chronbach Alpha (α) reliability index of 0.811 was distributed to construction professionals at building sites and offices in Lagos mainland using convenient sampling. Thirty six valid responses received were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The study identifies the following ten significant factors affecting the choice of organizational structure namely size of company, policy formulation and implementation strategy, nature of company’s operation, types of communication, client base, decision making structure, numbers of employee, purpose of organization, departmental communication pattern and reporting channel. Furthermore the study identifies the factors affecting organizational performance as type of employee and skill, size of organization, business strategy and mission of organization, the environment, formal reporting structure,
formalized organizational design and geographical location in the effects of organizational structure on construction project performance. It is important that company should carefully select the appropriate organizational structure taking into consideration flexibility, adaptability and dynamism as well as internal and external factors.

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