The impact of particulate pollution in the market due to traffic and milling activities was investigated. Samples were obtained and measured for both vehicular and milling activities within Bodija market, Ibadan, Oyo state, southwestern Nigeria. The concentration for milling varied from 10.7ìg/m -24.3ìg/m in the morning of monitoring and 18.4ìg/m -50.9ìg/m in the afternoon of monitoring while the concentration for vehicles varied from 12.8ìg/m -17.8ìg/m in the morning of monitoring and 22.0ìg/m – 37.3ìg/m3in the afternoon of monitoring. Milling activities at the Bodijamarket harboured the significantly highest concentration of particulate pollution due to some unhygienic practices observed during milling and this has implications on the air quality and safety
of the people within the market. Sensitizing millers and people within the market on particulate pollution and its health effects on man and the environment is highly recommended.

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