The advent of computer and Information and Communication Technology has impacted greatly on all spheres of human Endeavour. There is no aspect of art, science and industry that has not been decisively affected by computer. One can rightly say that computer is an effective teaching and learning mode that develops an open ended exploratory experience in the students. But the fact still remains that while some people are tilting towards ICT; our secondary schools are far behind schedule in the acquisition and utilization of it. This study is designed to find out the perception of Fine Arts teachers on ICT,
availability and utilization of ICT in the teaching and learning process in the secondary schools. Questionnaires were developed and used to collect data from respondents who are teachers from selected secondary schools. Frequency and simple percentage were used to analyze data collected. Findings of the study established that the teachers have a very good perception of the use of ICT in teaching and learning process, but there is little or no availability of ICT facilities in most secondary schools, there is little application of the knowledge of ICT in teaching and many of the teachers were not versed in the usage of ICT. The study identifies how ICT can be used to enhance quality of teaching and learning of Fine Arts in the secondary schools. Recommendations for ensuring proper funding and provision of ICT infrastructural facilities to enhance the development of ICT education in the secondary schools especially in the teaching of Fine Arts were put forward.

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