Motor accident is a major cause of mortality and disability in Nigeria, which explains the reason for the establishment of Federal Road Safety Commission in 1988 to address the carnage and maiming problems on the highways and roads. This paper employed multiple regression statistical tools to establish the relationship existing between accident mortality and factors influencing auto-crash mortality with number of Persons killed representing the dependent variable (Y); Number of Fatal cases (X1 ) , Number of Serious cases ( X2 ), number of Minor cases ( X 3 ), and number Injured Persons( X4 as the independent variables. Secondary data was collected from the record section of Federal Road Safety Commission, Osun command, Osogbo from 2006 to 2012. Preliminary study revealed that number of Fatal cases of auto-crash, number of Serious cases, and number of Injured persons contributed significantly on the regression plane; however, the breakdown of the assumption of multicollinearity necessitated the expunge of the affected collinear variables which are; Minor cases and Serious cases. The final model built for the relationship is Y = – .0 600 + .1 291 FatalCases .0 048 InjuredPer sons . The independent variables ( Xis ) jointly contributed significantly on the regression plane. The coefficient of multiple determination computed (R2 = 0.743) implies that 74% of the total variation in Yis adequately explained by the independent variables giving credibility to the predictive power of the model.

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