A communication satellite is an orbiting artificial earth satellite that receives a communication signal from a transmitting station. This paper work is to investigate the effect of the combined scintillation and terrestrial fading channel in the propagation of Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK). To stimulate the develop models using MATLAB application package and evaluate the performance of the simulated system using bit error rate (BER) by comparison. The OFDM –model processed the high data rate GMSK signal by converting it to multi-carrier and addition of cyclic perfect increase the symbol period avoid ISI distortion. This paper has showed that the unpredictable effect of mobile satellite links due to the multipath propagation in the terrestrial environment as a result of obstructions in the propagation environment and ionospheric scintillation. The ionosphere are caused by local concentrations of ionization can be drastically reduced with the OFDM transmission technique with GMSK modulation scheme at very high mobile speed.

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