The unpredictable variability in terms of voltage drift, impedance inaccuracies in analogue electronics which eventually lower the accuracy and reliability of such circuits is never permitted in modern digital electronics. This necessitated, call for careful selection of components especially capacitor – a more problematic passive component for building circuit or replacement during repair operation. A modern digital capacitance meter with high resolution was therefore constructed as a way to add more values to electronic instrumentation. The circuit is basically an oscillatory circuit that generates a continuously charging voltage or current, but in place of discrete components, the PICI6F628A micro-controller was used with few external passive components and crystal oscillator to generate and control the charging/discharging process of the capacitor. The circuit was tested using ceramic and electrolytic capacitors and the results obtained were found to be consistent with the specifications on bodies of the capacitor (i.e. true value). This device measure with an accuracy of ± 0.05.

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