The use of potassium bromate in bread making as a maturing agent had been banned in some countries due to its adverse effects such as cancer, kidney failure and several other related diseases on human health. Potassium bromated contents of Breads Produced in Offa and Oyun local Government Areas of Kwara State were investigated using Spectrophotometric method. The results of analysis showed that potassium bromate contents varied from 0.57 (ppm) to 4.0 (ppm).The results showed that values with different superscripts were significantly different (p< 0.05).Sample Z(flour) has the lowest potassium bromate level (0.5 ppm) while sample Q has the highest value of potassium bromated (4.0ppm). Generally, the amounts of potassium bromate present in all samples were higher than the permitted recommended level ,(0.02ppm) by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Going by the result of this analysis,, all the twenty five brands of bread samples analyzed may be unsafe for human consumption.

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