This paper addressed the various factors and their influence on student performance in education and predicts their performance. Various factors were put into consideration, factors like previous year results, attendance, financial status, father’s income, mother’s income, parent educational qualification, internet use of study material, extra classes, extracurricular activities etc. all these factors plays vital role in students’ education. So many literatures were reviewed thoroughly, and this assisted in correcting the arisen issues on the performance of the students in the tertiary institutions. This discusses the most common measurable factors among students. Data mining algorithms were applied in this paper to predict the performance of the students based on some instances collected via a survey. It’s presents the result based on the factors i.e. instances used as input into the data mining software by applying the algorithms and the generated output will be used by the educational administrator to make and take effective decision. Rapid ‘Miner software is used to get the final outcome which helps in predicting the final result of students performance.

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