The role of staff Counseling Service in creating stability in the conduct of staff cannot be under estimated as stability of staff on the job is observed to have connection to employees’ performance. This paper is therefore focused on the influence of staff counseling service on employees’ commitment and job satisfaction in Nigerian tertiary Institutions, using Osun State-owned tertiary Institutions as case study. The study used survey research design. 150 staff members comprising both teaching and non-teaching were randomly selected from each of the five tertiary institutions owned by Osun State government in Nigeria. Structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from respondents, researchers were able to retrieve 693 copies of completed questionnaire from respondents, this pegged the total sample size at693.Various relevant works of authorities in related fields were reviewed. Data were presented in tabular form and analyzed using mean rating and standard deviation as descriptive statistical tools. Independent t-test was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. Results show positive link between staff counseling services and employees’ commitment to job, the results further revealed that staff counselling service influences job satisfaction. The study recommended that provision of counseling services in Nigerian tertiary institutions should be adequately extended to staff members regardless of their status. Staff should be well encouraged to visit staff counselors for counseling whenever necessary while strict confidentiality of staff problem should be assured.

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