Training and development are part of personnel functions. The efficiency of an organization depends on how well its staff is trained. A trained staff is an embodiment of quality product, higher productivity, safety and most importantly reduced cost of production, which will enable any organization or industry to gain wide recognition and achieve corporate objectives. This paper attempts to determine the impact of manpower training and development on organizational performance. To this end, hypothesis was formulated to determine whether manpower training and development programmes enhance the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. The data used in the study was obtained from the primary source through the use of questionnaire. Information was sourced from sixty (60) respondents out of which fifty (50) respondents completed and returned the administered questionnaire. The result of the analysis confirmed that the company’s performance can be improved if the staffs are given the necessary training. It is therefore recommended that organizations should give their employees the necessary training from time to time and make sure that they are in line with the current technology. And that after this training, ways of monitoring these staff to make sure that they make use of the knowledge gained effectively for the company’s advantage are designed.

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